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Sneha K.

I am so grateful to meet her. She sensed how troubled I was about finding an apartment and talked so calmly with me. She prompted me to check this one place that I have been trying to get hold of (but she knew nothing about it). I just walked in there and got the place the next day! I am truly amazed at how intuitive she is! Thanks so much and I wish you abundance and happiness in your life, Kerry.

Nisha Chandran

She is very intuitive and understood the reasons that brought me in, even though they were hard to put into words. She was able to help with the very first session!


Serena Jackson

Kerry is undoubtedly one of the finest musicians I’ve met. It doesn’t surprise me that her sound healing is so incredibly soothing, satisfying, and varied. I love the way she invited me to join in the chanting and singing. I’ll be definitely coming back for more sessions each and every time I am called for it cause I can't afford to miss just one

Claire Wells

Kerry Walsh is extremely intuitive and absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough good things. I am extremely impressed!! She pinpointed my exact problem very quickly, did healing which instantly made me feel better and continue to have lasting effects, and gave me recommendations on how to heal the problem further. I recommend her to anyone who is searching.


Richard Seymour

Being me has always been a struggle. Where do I fit in? One day during this 2020 pandemic, I met Kerry Walsh, who took me by the hand, and as if she was singing, “Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination.” I’m there! She will lead you there too. All you have to do is ask!

Monica Garcia

Using the Healy system has been a game changer when it comes to previous injuries and whole body wellness as well as an anxiety disorder that for years I have consistently struggled with. It was suggested to that I try the Healy system and I am truly happy that I did. Balanced. Physically and emotionally and mentally I have noticed a much more balanced and comfortable feeling in my body from head to toe with lingering discomfort no longer an issue like it had been before. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Kerry in managing the issues that have long been overdue in managing.

Chris Harris

Being skeptical by nature, I wasn’t expecting much more than some general information. But Kerry proved me wrong! I found her advice to be helpful and accurate, even though the skeptic in me did not divulge very much information.
Over the course of many months, I have been to a multitude of doctors and have been subjected to more tests than I care to remember. I must say I was amazed. In one session, Kerry accurately determined my problem. She definitely made a believer out of me, and I would not hesitate to use her services again in the future. She is spot-on accurate and extremely helpful, and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone!
Thank you, Kerry!

Ruth Rose

Kerry Walsh has completely helped me to change my life!! Her combination of empathic emotional perception and profound clear intuition makes her a rare healer able to work on many levels simultaneously.
I have met many shamans, intuitive, and psychotherapists, but this is the first time I have been achieving the results I was looking for. Kerry has a huge heart with a clear perception on so many levels, which makes her really able to connect with others to support their growth and evolution. I am beyond grateful.
Thank you, Kerry!!!

Brock Cannon

Kerry brings amazing expertise to the table in ALL of her services. Highly recommend!


Leah Applebaum

Kerry is naturally a gifted medical intuitive and empath and genuinely cares for her clients supporting their well-being and cheering them on for their best life. I have known Kerry for years, and she recently called me as she had identified some medical issues that I needed to tend to (which I am currently doing). Additionally, she uses the Healy which has brought a whole other dimension to her practice providing energetic insight that only deepens the wellness process. Understanding the mircocurrent mechanism and knowing how to apply it for her clients elevates the individual restorative possibilities. I have greatly benefitted from Kerry’s insight and cannot recommend her more highly.


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